Improper Actions By GC Services And Experian

Go here to see proof of improper actions by GC Services and Experian.

Gurstel Chargo: Did They Harass A Disabled Veteran?

Go here to learn more about Todd Gurstel, whose law firm allegedly harassed a disabled veteran and improperly garnished his bank account.


Ocwen (ticker OCN): Junk Mail and Poor Service!

What’s going on at Ocwen?

Routine correspondence from them is full of solicitations for insurance products.

Are they in some kind of trouble? Could they be trying to raise cash by engaging in direct mail marketing?

Ocwen’s future is uncertain at best. Many analysts have rated Ocwen’s stock (symbol OCN) as sell for this reason.

Customers also complain about poor service-specifically, that all calls to Ocwen seem to handled by call centers in India.

Customers complain that the Indian employees often have poor comprehension of mortgage servicing, and, even if they do understand the problem, they are not empowered to do anything except ask the customer to send a letter to Ocwen’s offices in West Palm Beach, FL.

Checknet and Jessica Devenish: EPIC FAIL!

Read about the EPIC FAIL of Checknet and Jessica Devenish  here.

ZabaSearch: When Searches Go Wrong, Very Wrong…

Here is a very informative article about the problems inherent in the poor quality control (or maybe nonexistent quality control?) practiced at Zabasearch and its sister company, Intelius. Both are operated by former Microsoft manager, Naveen Jain.

John Dozier: “Inernet Lawyer” Makes EMPTY THREATS!

John Dozier is an interesting guy. You can go here to read about his “rise to fame” from a collections attorney to a self-proclaimed Internet expert. You’ll also find some hilarious correspondence from him!

Is The Bank of America Concealing Layoff Figures?

It would seem that bailout recipient, Bank of America, is concealing layoff figures by decreasing transparency in various reporting.

Is Wanda Williams of Experian Really a Chimpanzee?

You know what they say, put a bunch of chimpanzees in a room full of typewriters, eventually you’ll get Shakespeare.

It seems Experian’s customer service department is giving this a try.

Go here to view an incomprehensible letter from Experian.

Were they having an internal contest, “whoever writes the worst letter gets lunch with Don Robert” or something like that?

This is really bad!

Chantel Espaillat (Kramer, Linkie, and Taylor): A Secret REVEALED!

Go here to read about the “secret past” of Chantel Espaillat, a legal assistant at Kramer, Linkie, and Taylor.


Kramer, Linkie, and Taylor = Mann Bracken!

Want proof? Plenty of it…





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